No Limits Motocross FMX Airbag

No Limits Motorsports presents the Motocross FMX Freestyle Progression Airbag Experience

Do you like jumping dirt bikes? Do you want to get better at jumping dirt bikes? Well this is for you! Riders will get the chance to tear down a runway, hit a 9ft high ramp, fly through the air, land safely on a 50ft x 50ft airbag then just roll off the bag. Also don’t forget the crowds from the beer garden at the Squamish Motorcycle Festival cheering for you!

Each clinic is limited to 15 riders, with their own bikes (50 cc- 250 cc bikes only!). You will get 30 minutes of instructions and 90 minutes of jumping with 3 to 6 jumps per minute. Practice all kinds of tricks while flying through the air. (No inversions, the bike must remain upright.) These clinics are available for participants age 13 and older (participants under the age of 18 require consent from their parent/guardian). We recommend reviewing all the No Limits Motocross FMX Airbag Experience policies & rules. For more information on the airbag and ramp, visit Freestyle Progression.

Clinic cost: $100 per rider. (90 minutes of jumping with 3 to 6 jumps per minute)

Clinic #A:

  • Time: 9:00am to 11:30am
  • Bike Class: 50cc to 100cc
  • Number of riders: 15

Clinic #B:

  • Time: 12:30pm to 3:00pm
  • Bike Class: 125cc to 250cc
  • Number of riders: 15



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